The BRAVE Idea

Jane Broderick is responsible for coining the phrase "How Big Is Your Brave", and is very proud to be one of the Five Founders of HOW big IS YOUR BRAVE Foundation.  Jane’s efforts with HOW big IS YOUR BRAVE Foundation are two fold.  One is to give back to the community in a unique and inspiring way, and the second is to honor the memory of her parents who both dealt with cancer during their lives.

How Big Is Your Brave was born while listening to the mother of a child with Prader Willi Syndrome speaking at a post golf tournament luncheon.  Prader Willi is a rare genetic disorder that impacts the kids hunger mechanism, cognitive learning, physical and social development.  She spoke of locks on their cupboards and refrigerator, constant diversions for ever present hunger pains.  She spoke of the social and developmental challenges they face, and how their life was far from normal.  Even though I had worked with the Leta Lindley Prader Willi Classic Golf Tournament (An event supported by the LPGA through retired LPGA Player Leta Lindley) for nine years, it wasn't until that specific moment that I realized how BRAVE the children with PWS and their families and friends must be simply to manage their day to day lives.  For weeks I couldn't shake the feeling I had at that moment, and one day while driving my son to school, I asked him what "How Big Is Your Brave" brought to mind.  He looked at me, looked away and said, “Kids with major issues must be brave just to go to school."  A pretty insightful comment from a teenager.


So the Brave Idea was born.  Then became the question of what to do with it and who to help.  Having come from a small town, I was always taught that giving back is the right thing to do.  So for several weeks I began to think about how I could positively impact as many people as I could.  My Dad was a WWII and Korean War Vet, so at first I was going to focus on Veterans, then I thought about the kids with Prader Willi, and my nephew who is on the Autism Spectrum, and both of my parents who were cancer survivors.  Bravery comes in so many forms that it is hard to hone in on the cause that struck my heart.


I was thrilled when the staff and the Robert & Carol Weissman Cancer Center at Martin Memorial Hospital requested to wear How Big Is Your Brave tee shirts in support of their cancer patients.  Through the sale of the tee shirts we were able to donate back to the Cancer Center.


From there, it was a simple discussion with dear friend, Kristen Sweeney, who had an interest in starting a non profit.  We assembled a few friends who shared the vision, and How Big Is Your Brave Foundation was born.”


Jane Broderick

President and Founder

How Big Is Your Brave Foundation



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